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JustAuctions Fundraising

Just Auctions introduces a great new way to raise money for your school or not-for-profit organization!

We all know that schools and not-for-profit organizations face new fundraising challenges every day.

We want to offer an additional way of building capital and general support for your organization: auction donations.

Auction donations are an everyday way to raise money to complement your current fundraising efforts. Best of all, there's no administrative work for your organization. We take care of everything.

Your school's parents and constituents just drop off their auction donations at their local JustAuctions store, we sell the donated items on eBay, and send a check for the net proceeds of the sale to your school/organization.



It's as simple as that.

Open a fundraising account for your school or organization.

Once you've signed up, you can begin using our toolkit to help promote your auctions. Special toolkits are available for non-profits and schools.

And... we'll hold an Auction Drive in conjunction with your event!

JustAuctions will also come to your school/organization site or event to help raise funds by holding an Auction Drive!

We will coordinate with your school or 501(c)(3) organization to arrange an Auction Drive, either on its own, or as part of an existing event. On the scheduled day, parents, students, teachers, members, and the general public can submit items to the Auction Drive. JustAuctions staff will be present to examine the items and evaluate their potential on eBay. If we feel that the item is likely to sell, we'll check the items in right on the spot!

Back at the JustAuctions facility, we will photograph it, write a detailed description, and list it on eBay. We'll take care of packing, shipping, and collecting payment.

Once the item has sold, we'll send a check to your school or organization as a cash donation, and send each donor a donation acknowledgment letter. It's that simple!

We'll also promote your fundraiser on our website, and work with you to publicize the event in your community.

Please note that our standard eligibility requirements apply -- see the What Sells page for details.

To discuss arranging a collection event or other opportunities for collaborating with your school or non-profit, please contact the Community Programs Coordinator, at fundraising@justauctions.net, or call toll free





Open an JustAuctions Fundraising Account!

We'll gladly open an JustAuctions Fundraising account for your 501(c)(3) organization. We just need a little information from you. Please fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

We'll provide you with materials to distribute in your next mailing or outreach event that explain the easy steps members can take to help your organization.

We'll work with whomever you designate at your organization to make sure all questions are answered, and that there are no snags anywhere in the process.

About JustAuctions

JustAuctions is the first retail company that provides a simple and convenient way for people to sell on eBay. We are opening a national chain of retail stores to help people everywhere sell things they don't need any more. We work closely with eBay to provide this service.

How does it work?

You encourage your parents and supporters to clean out their closets and collections and bring those surplus items to their local JustAuctions store. We'll work with you to publicize this program to parents and the community. When they come into an JustAuctions store, they let the JustAuctions advisor know that the net proceeds of the sale should be donated to your school/organization. JustAuctions will make the donation to your school or non-profit on your community member's behalf, and then mail the donor a donation acknowledgement letter!

What items do you accept?

We accept items that have an estimated eBay value of at least $50, weigh less than 150 lbs., and are legal to sell on eBay; certain items, such as those containing hazardous materials, are not allowed (more information on restricted and prohibited items.)

What does JustAuctions do?

After we determine that your donated item has acceptable market value on eBay, we photograph the item, list it for sale on eBay, manage the auction process, communicate with potential buyers, close the sale with the winning bidder, pack and ship your item to the winning bidder, collect payment from the winning bidder, account for donation proceeds to your school/organization, send a check to your school/organization, and send an acknowledgment letter to the kind donor.

Will this program compete with my current fundraising programs?

No! In your existing capital fund drive, you recruit new members and ask current members to renew their membership pledge. In your organization's annual auction event, members donate a few nice things. In contrast, the JustAuctions program is a year-round auction for mid-value items, with an active eBay audience of over 20 million. It's the perfect complement to what you already do.

How does JustAuctions cover its expenses?

What we do is actually a lot of work towards the sale of items. Our commissions are on a sliding scale, based on the final sales price of the item donated: 38% of the first $200, 30% of the next $300, 20% of the remaining (over $500). These fees do not include eBay commissions.

What happens if a donated item doesn't sell?

If the item doesn't sell:

  • The donor can pick it up within 15 days, or
  • We'll donate it to charity and forward a receipt.






Resources for Schools

Welcome to our resource toolkit for schools participating in the JustAuctions Fundraising Program.

Here is everything you need to:


  1. Encourage donations from parents in your upcoming newsletters or other publications:

    • Download a Parent Flyer in black and white (HTML version) or full-color (PDF version - you'll need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it)

    • Find the right JustAuctions logo for you!

  2. Add a link to your JustAuctions auctions on your own website. Copy and paste this URL:

    http://search.stores.ebay.com/search/search.dll?MfcISAPICommand= GetResult&sid=78755068&store=JustAuctions&colorid=5&fp=0&query=Your+Name& srchdesc=y

    to a link on your website. Replace Your+Name with your school's name. Use a plus sign for any spaces and include any hyphens or other punctuation that appears in your organization's name on our website.

  3. Add an Auction Drive to your next event! We will come to your event and collect items on-site. Contact us at fundraising@JustAuctions.com.

  4. Order more flyers! Contact us at fundraising@JustAuctions.com